Course Descriptions and Scheduling

In an effort to have each student plan their coursework for the following year, all students receive the Course Request sheet appropriate to their grade level (see below) during scheduling meetings with the DHS counselors. After the students choose their courses, they have until March 15 to enter those course requests into PowerSchool. Any student who misses the deadline will have their courses entered into PowerSchool by their high school counselor. These courses will be up to the discretion of the counselor.

To see which courses are offered for next year, for each grade level, please view the appropriate attachments below. Please note that it is possible that some courses on the lists below may not actually be available due to lack of requests or Master Schedule conflicts.

Schedule Changes

Students are advised/encouraged each school year to make careful choices in requesting courses (and alternate courses) for the next year, as there are only a few conditions allowing schedule changes in the fall. Therefore, we will only be making changes to student schedules if the following conditions exist:
  1. You have an empty slot in your schedule.
  2. You are missing a core course for your grade level


Access PowerSchool and register classes for next year by going to:
1. While on the PowerSchool page, enter the following information:
• Your Username:
• Your Password:
2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Class Registration” icon located on the left side of your page. On the Class Registration screen, you’ll see all of the course offerings available to your grade level in the pull-down menus for each subject area.
3. Make sure that you select 8 courses for both semesters (16 courses for the academic year).
  • If you will be a junior or senior who would like to dual-enroll next year, please continue to select 16 courses for now—your counselor will adjust your DHS schedule later in the spring when your dual enrollment eligibility is confirmed.
  • If you will be a senior next year and want a reduced schedule for either or both of the semesters, please select it under the “OTHER ELECTIVES” pull-down menu.
  • If you are a junior or senior who will be taking a CTE Consortium course, pay attention to the following:
  • Graph X = 2 hours per semester (4 class slots per year)
  • All other consortium classes = 3 hours per semester (6 class slots per year)
  • Cosmetology 2 (taken in the senior year) is four hours per semester
4. After you have made all 16 course selections + 8 alternate selections.
  • You MUST scroll to the bottom of the page and SUBMIT your selections.
  • PRINT your course selections to save a copy for your records.
DEADLINE: Registration opens February 25. You may re-enter the site and alter your selections until March 15th. At that time, the on-line registration process will come to a close. If you do not have access to a computer at home or an alternate location, please make an appt. with your counselor. It is important to include your parents in the registration process. On a final note— make careful choices, as there will be few if any schedule changes in the fall.