Standardized Testing Info

Additionally, each spring, students in grades 9th, 10th, and 11th participate in the Michigan statewide assessments. Currently, our 9th-grade students take the PSAT 8/9, our 10th-grade students take the PSAT 10, and our 11th-grade students take the SAT w/essay, the WorkKeys, and the M-STEP.  DHS will provide information regarding these tests and the test schedule each spring. For more information, and for opportunities to take the SAT additional times, please visit

2022-2023 INFO:

April Statewide Assessments are mandatory for all 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students. No registration is required. 

  • April 11th: M-STEP (11th grade)
  • April 12th: PSAT 9 (9th grade), PSAT 10 (10th grade), and SAT w/essay (11th grade)
  • April 13th:  ACT WorkKeys (11th grade)

If your student misses their original testing date, please reach out to Lauren Thompson, our Asst. Principal to schedule their makeup.  The makeup dates are as follows:

  • April 20th: M-STEP (11th) makeup 
  • April 25th: PSAT 9 (9th grade), PSAT 10 (10th grade), and SAT w/essay (11th grade) makeup
  • April 27th: ACT WorkKeys (11th grade) makeup